We switched to Banker’s Academy over a year ago from a different online training program. The cost savings was tremendous - which has been very helpful in this time of budget cuts.

We found that the training content is precise, to the point, and always current. It doesn't have a lot of "fluff" like the other program had.

The transition to the new program was nice and smooth thanks to the excellent Client Services staff. They walked us through every step of the way, and are still available to help anytime we have a question. It is nice to call in and talk to the same person every time. We've actually had two Client Services Managers and they've both been terrific!

The majority of our bank training is done through Banker's Academy. They have it all from BSA, Compliance Regulations, HR topics, to Security. The courses are flexible; if you don't finish it all in one sitting, you can go back where you left off without having to redo the whole thing. Another nice feature is being able to generate detailed reports and have them converted to Excel spreadsheets. Overall, we are very satisfied with our conversion to Banker’s Academy. I would recommend this program to any bank. It is an easy, cost efficient and effective way of completing your regulatory and bank's training requirements.

Traci Nunemacher
Internal Auditor/Compliance Specialist
Falcon National Bank